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Crohhe invention relates to the technical field of medicine, in particular to a traditional Chinese medicine composition for treating disease and a preparation method .


The patent of the invention is based on Chapter 5 of the opinions of  the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Promoting The Inheritance and Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Promoting the inheritance and innovation of traditional Chinese medicine, collect and select folk recipes and techniques of traditional Chinese medicine, propagate the culture of traditional Chinese medicine throughout the national education.




Crohn’s disease is a kind of intestinal inflammatory disease with unknown causes. Its clinical manifestations are: long-term diarrhea and abdominal pain, intestinal edema, intestinal obstruction, small intestinal granulation, colitis, intra-abdominal abscess, segmental and local ulcers of the intestine and digestive tract, which belongs to a kind of chronic refractory digestive tract disease.


Patients with Crohn’s disease are prevalent in Canada, Europe, Israel, Mongolia, Russia, Japan, India, China, and the number of patients is increasing. Crohn’s disease has become a worldwide disease, which has attracted great attention of the United Nations, the World Health Organization and European and American countries , and has become a major The Great Health of The World Community of Human Destiny event worthy of study.


For a long time, due to the unknown etiology of Crohn’s disease, no effective therapeutic drugs have been developed. Currently, the drugs used in the treatment of Crohn’s disease mainly include glucocorticoids, salicylic acid preparations, immunosuppressants, antibiotics, methotrexate and biological agents (such as infliximab). Although these drugs can change the natural course of disease to a certain extent, they can not completely alleviate the disease and reduce the incidence of complications. Moreover, the existing western drugs such as glucocorticoids and immunosuppressants often cause obvious adverse reactions, and long-term administration is easy to cause damage to the body.

Therefore, how to provide a medicament with significant effect on Crohn’s disease and no side effects is an urgent problem to be solved by those skilled in the field.



In view of this, the invention provides a traditional Chinese medicine composition for the treatment of Crohn’s disease and a preparation method thereof. According to the reasonable configuration of “Jun, Chen, Zuo, Shi” and the traditional Chinese medicine method “medicine and food homology”, the invention has significant therapeutic effect on Crohn’s disease without side effects.


In order to achieve the above purpose, the invention adopts the following technical scheme:




From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the invention finds that the cause of long-term diarrhea is caused by imbalance of viscera organs such as liver, spleen, gallbladder, kidney, pancreas, heart and organs. Belong to intestinal pestifence.

  1. The initial clinical manifestations of Crohn’s disease are abdominal pain, intestinal spasm, long-term diarrhea of unknown cause, more than ten times of intestinal edema a day, the stool is gray and heavy smelly. (3) Due to the continuous shedding of intestinal mucosa, various antibiotics have no effect on colonic ulcer, the capillary of intestinal wall is broken, dysentery and blood flow in stool, resulting in intestinal sores and boils, pain and swelling, and sores. If the ulcer is located in the vein, a lot of blood will be produced in each stool, and the stool has bloody smell. The second situation is the imbalance of Yang deficiency between spleen and kidney, spleen does not melt food, so stool has bad smell.  The fourth situation is very serious pancreas, spleen, lung and kidney imbalance, resulting in a large area of intestinal mucosa falling off. Intestinal ulcer not only causes a lot of bleeding, but also produces intestinal putrefaction. Its stool is putrefaction smell gas, large intestine and colon into a network, the four-layer structure of the intestinal tract, leaving muscle layer and outer layer after corrosion. The main cause is pancreatic imbalance. Eyes blindness, diabetes mellitus, uremia, anemia, osteoporosis, intestinal hemorrhoids, female hemorrhoids, vein hemorrhoids, intestinal hemorrhoids and anal ring hemorrhoids, blood hemorrhoids, intestinal piercing and other Crohn’s disease syndrome.   Human pancreas is connected with stomach, peritoneum, duodenum, common bile duct, portal vein, pancreatic vein, portal, left adrenal giand and spleen head. It is an important organ of human endocrine and exocrine line. Due to the large amount of meat, high protein and alcohol obtained by Europeans and Americans, the average annual meat consumption is 115KG. In addition, the average weight of beef oil, beef, fish and chicken is more than 210kg, which leads to the imbalance of pH value in the body, the secretion of bile and the imbalance of pancreatic line endocrine. Therefore, Crohn’s disease is prevalent in Europe and America.      It has the functions of astringency, hemostasis, dysentery and hemorrhoids treatment, improving the level of superoxide dismutation of human cells, and has the effects on intestinal ulcer and intestinal bleeding, especially on intestinal granulation and intestinal carrion.  It taste pungent and bitter , warm into spleen, stomach, large intestine and gallbladder meridian. It can treat cold and damp diarrhea and biliary colic, promote qi, regulate qi, promote large intestine exhaust, and prevent intestinal obstruction and edema. It is an irreplaceable good medicine for regulating damp heat in middle energizer. It is a good medicine for the treatment of viral hepatitis and acute pancreatitis. It has the effect of cholagogic, pancreatic, heat clearing and detoxification. Crohn’s disease is enteric blast. Long diarrhea will definitely cause the fever, and it has the effect of anti blast and detoxification. Especially in the compatibility of the invention, it has the effect of “treating pancreas with pancreas”. It is a good medicine for invigorating the spleen and invigorating the Qi. It has an irreplaceable effect on Crohn’s disease of long-term diarrhea. The functions of warming the meridians and dispersing the cold, tonifying the kidney qi, warming the kidney yang, igniting the fire and returning to the original, helping the functions of the spleen and stomach, and promoting the metabolism of the body. The present invention is based on the traditional Chinese medicine of China, the method of “dialectical treatment”, and the characteristics of medicine. According to the disease, the medicine is applied according to the symptoms, and the reasonable configuration is carried out according to the “monarch, minister, assistant, envoy” and the traditional Chinese medicine method of “homology of medicine and food”. The main cause of Crohn’s disease is “imbalance of the five organs”, “helping the pancreas to keep its duties” and “using the pancreas to treat the pancreas”, “using the pancreas to induce the medicine” and “using the medicine to treat the five organs” Dialectical treatment, and to achieve the five internal organs of its function, Qi and blood filling, liver and gall, warm kidney and spleen. The fifth chapter of the opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on “promoting the inheritance and development of traditional Chinese medicine” is “promoting the spirit of inheritance, development, innovation and development of traditional Chinese medicine, collecting and screening folk traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions, secret recipes and techniques, and integrating traditional Chinese Medicine culture throughout national education. To carry forward the Chinese traditional medicine prescription, the prescription is effective for the treatment of Crohn’s disease in the world, especially for the compatibility of traditional Chinese medicine prescription, which pays attention to “dialectical treatment”, symptomatic medication, and the weight of medication, such as “processing by law”. Therefore, there are traditional methods of “monarch, minister, assistant and envoy”, especially the rational allocation of “homology of medicine and food”, which is very scientific and humanized. To increase the therapeutic effect of Crohn’s disease, to treat the five viscera and strengthen the pancreas with pancreas.Three Ministers and Medicine. It is mainly for the long-term diarrhea of Crohn’s disease, including the purpose of widening the intestine, smoothing the Qi, preventing the intestinal edema, relieving the intestinal spasm, alleviating the pain and suffering of patients, and promoting the patients’ confidence and determination in the treatment of Crohn’s disease.
  2. Three Assistant Drugs:
  3. It is mainly used to stop dysentery, hemostasis, diuresis and promote the formation of stool. It has the functions of invigorating the spleen, nourishing the Qi, firming the surface, removing the thick, disinfecting and generating the muscle.
  4. Three Gentlemen.
  5. It has the functions of nourishing the liver and kidney, and has the strong hemostatic effect on the intestinal ulcer bleeding with the properties of liver channel, kidney channel, blood cooling and hemostasis. In particular, it is combined with the decoction of other components of the invention to form a layer of medicine film to cover the intestinal wall, which has a good effect on the intestinal tract to relieve the acute spasm and relieve the abdominal pain of Crohn’s disease.
  6. It has the effect of treating long-term diarrhea and the large intestine meridian. It is a good medicine for treating unexplained diarrhea of Crohn’s disease and hemostasis of intestinal ulcer. It contains the mixture. When it contacts with the wound of intestinal mucosa ulcer, it can precipitate into coagulated local protein, protect the wound of intestinal ulcer and form a protective layer, promote the healing of the ulcer surface, and inhibit Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus and dysentery bacteria.
  7. It has the function of anti-bacterial and diuretic. It can treat tumor, sore, cancer, rash and hemorrhoids, diuresis and detoxification. It can treat small intestine hydrops. Especially combined with Eclipta prostrata, the juice can form a layer of glue on the edge of the white porcelain bowl at 30 degrees, and then stick on the wall of the bowl to form a drug film to cover the ulcers on the intestinal tract, prevent the loss of intestinal mucosa, control the growth of intestinal granulation and promote the healing of ulcer wounds.
  8. After the pancreas of pig, sheep, cattle and donkey is used as medicine, it has the auxiliary function of “medicine and food homology” to treat pancreas. Animal pancreas has the functions of benefiting lung and relieving cough, strengthening spleen and stopping diarrhea, washing intestines, clearing intestines and promoting cleanness. Make the lung channel, spleen channel, large intestine channel and small intestine channel free. Get natural insulin.
  10. Based on the principle of Chinese traditional medicine, this paper studies the unexplained long-term diarrhea of Crohn’s disease, which is caused by the decline of human pancreas and the influence of six kinds of pathogenic toxins, namely, liver, gallbladder, spleen, stomach, kidney, Qi, blood and six kind of pahogenic toxins cold, heat, dryness, dampness, heat and wind.
  11. While, Oriental people are rich in economic and living materials. The per capita meat consumption in China is 58 kg, involving a large number of acidic foods such as protein and meat. Therefore, Crohn’s disease is also prevalent in the East, Asia and China.
  13. All these symptoms show that “the disease is not in the intestines, but in the five internal organs“.
  14. (5) With the development of Crohn’s disease, with the imbalance of five internal organs, the decline of immune function, blood loss, water loss and resistance decline, Crohn’s disease syndrome occurs.
  15. The third situation is the imbalance of pancreas, the shedding of intestinal mucosa, product sores, boils, swelling, sore poison, and bloody smell in the stool.
  16. The first situation, according to the principles of traditional Chinese medical science and traditional Chinese medicine, is due to the imbalance of liver and gallbladder, especially when there is something wrong with the internal organs of the gallbladder, so the stool is gray white and the smell is very heavy.
  17. (4) Crohn’s disease in the case of long-term ulcer, a large area of intestinal mucosa fall off , its stool is carrion smell gas.
  18. (2) Intestinal edema occurs intestinal obstruction , and granulation occurs in the small intestine due to colitis. In diarrhea, there are intestinal mucus, floating stool , and there is bad smell in the stool.
  19. Boil the medicine bag together with the animal pancreas, boil it for 30 minutes, and take the medicine soup for use;(3) Break it into powder, and mix with the medicine soup obtained in step (2).According to the above technical scheme, compared with the prior art, the invention provides a traditional Chinese medicine for treating Crohn’s disease, gives full play to the role of traditional Chinese medicine in conquering Crohn’s disease in the world, and creates a formula for treating Crohn’s disease. The invention patent of Chinese traditional medicine disposition and treatment of Crohn’s disease fully shows that the 5000 year civilization of Chinese traditional medicine brings the dawn of early recovery for the world’s Crohn’s patients.SPECIFIC IMPLEMENTATION MODE HOW TO TAKE IT: take it on an empty stomach at 28 ℃.The first course of treatment, taking for three days, stopping for one day, the cycle is 4 days, aaa-b, aaa-b, a total of 15 days.The second course of treatment, take one day, stop one day, A-B, A-B, A-B, a total period of 26 days.The third course of treatment, take one day, stop for two days, a-bb, a-bb, traditional Chinese medicine has its own therapeutic effect, but it can not be used in a continuous emergency. It is not conducive to the treatment of Crohn’s chronic disease. There are two benefits during the period of stopping the drug. Adjust the dosage according to the condition.
  20. The invention patent, originated from Jinglin Nie’s Hengshan nationality, was originally transferred to the 13th generation of Nie Yingchan Gong from Jiangxi Zhangshu City to Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Hunan six provinces. In the late Ming Dynasty and the early Qing Dynasty, he settled down in Hengshan, Hunan Province, opened a medicine shop, and passed on to the 15th generation. In the Qianlong year of the Qing Dynasty, Nie Jimo Gong applied medicine to cure the epidemic, saved thousands of people, and accumulated countless good prescriptions, In the 20th generation of the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China, Nie zengjifen (the daughter of Zeng Guofan) collected Hunan Army’s prescription, her son the 21st generation passed the prescriptions.The 22nd generation of Nie Guangyong inherits the prescriptions of his predecessors in 355 years. After 9 years of research and configuration, he has brought good news for patients with Crohn’s disease, digestive tract, anorectum and other diseases, and pioneered the treatment of Crohn’s disease in traditional Chinese medicine. The first patented product for Crohn’s disease (Yideshou Changnengjing “Smilax China pig (sheep) pancreas soup“) is dedicated to him.Wish the world’s crone patient early health, family happiness.
  21. The above description of the disclosed embodiments enables those skilled in the art to realize or use the invention. Various modifications to these embodiments will be apparent to those skilled in the art, and the general principles defined herein may be implemented in other embodiments without departing from the spirit or scope of the invention. Therefore, the invention will not be limited to these embodiments shown herein, but will conform to the widest range consistent with the principles and novel features disclosed herein.
  22. Each embodiment in the specification is described in a progressive manner. Each embodiment focuses on the differences from other embodiments. The same and similar parts of each embodiment can be referred to each other. As for the device disclosed in the embodiment, since it corresponds to the method disclosed in the embodiment, the description is relatively simple, and for the relevant points, please refer to the description of the method section.
  23. In the initial treatment of “digestive department”, antibiotics are used as the main drug with no effect, while traditional Chinese medicine are used for dialectical treatment. The patent of the invention (yideshou changnengjing “Smilax China pig (sheep) pancreas Decoction “) has the advantages of precise drug use, low cost, quick effect, safety and practicability, and is the best prescription for treating Crohn’s disease in the world.
  24. According to the above age analysis of patients with Crohn’s dysentery, Crohn’s disease in the world is in the stage of diffuse development, resistance to western medicine and the development of cyanosis.
  25. There is a patient “gastric cardia cancer” take “milax China pig (sheep) pancreas Decoction” two courses of treatment, abdominal distention stomach spasm improved significantly.
  26. There were 46 patients with Crohn’s disease, who suffered from diarrhea of unknown causes for a long time, including small intestine granulation, intestinal hemorrhoids, blood hemorrhoids, anal ring hemorrhoids, and three courses of Administration (yideshou changnengjing “Smilax China pig (sheep) pancreas Decoction“). Except for four patients who had undergone operation to remove hemorrhoids and damaged the liver muscle, they all recovered.
  27. Three of them suffer from “autumn pullorum disease”. They have diarrhea from autumn every year. They are seasonal and habitual. They have Akron disease and diarrhea. They only take one course of treatment to stop diarrhea. The stool is formed. The effective rate is 100%.
  28. Crohn’s disease is very serious because of long-term western medicine treatment, long-term intestinal ulcer, massive bleeding, intestinal putrefaction, a total of 16 people, except 2 people who had intestinal resection 4-6 inches were relieved, the rest were all cured.
  29. There were 46 cases of esophageal ulcer, small intestine ulcer and colon ulcer, aged 28-46 years old, who were all cured by three courses of the invention patent (yideshou changnengjing “Smilax China pig (sheep)pancreas Decoction “).
  30. TEST CASES (due to the guarantee of respect for patients’ personal privacy and inappropriate disclosure of various informatio
  31. Xiong XX, male, 32 years old, Chinese from Canada, has been sick for more than 8 years. In Canada, he was diagnosed as Crohn’s colon ulcer by a doctor. He has long-term diarrhea for up to 12 times a day. Moreover, the ulcer surface is large and large. He has stool bleeding and panic. Before, doctors used antibiotics for anti-inflammatory, hemostasis and mesalazine oxysalicylic acid, glucocorticoids have not been effective. His father and uncle are very concerned. Later, the invention (yideshou changnengjing “Smilax pig (sheep) pancreas Decoction”) is used for a course of 13 doses, the stool is formed, the only way to relieve the bleeding of the stool is blood on the paper, and then the stool is no longer bloody in another course. At present, it is in the stage of double conditioning of Qi and blood.
  32. Among the 36 patients, 19 were from Canadian, 12 were from European and American, and 5 were from other nationalities, all of whom were aged 32-45 years. The remission rate of the invention patent (yideshou changnengjing “Smilax China pig (sheep)pancreas Decoction “) is 100% in two courses. The cure rate was 82%.
  33. During the period of drug withdrawal, it can help human cells to increase metabolism and immune function.
  34. ne dose suffering twice, is to be taken on an empty stomach in the morning and evening for two times, and thirteen doses of the medicine are to be taken for a small course of treatment, with initial effect. The stool is formed, and the ulcer and bleeding are reduced.
  35. Treatment of Crohn’s disease: self-regulation, careful confidence and love
  36. The technical scheme in the embodiments of the invention will be described clearly and completely below. Obviously, the described embodiments are only part of the embodiments of the invention, not all of them. Based on the embodiments in the invention, all other embodiments obtained by those skilled in the art without creative labor belong to the scope of protection of the invention.
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